The Care Animal Hospital Story

The Care Animal Hospital story

In 1988 I left the veterinary practice where I'd worked for four years and began my experiment. I wanted to prove that a practice devoted to the very best care for companion animals could survive in Arvada. I borrowed money, located space, worked nights to make ends meet, purchased equipment and met with the construction crew.

When the doors opened at Care Animal Hospital, I hoped that the name expressed our mission - to provide the very best care for companion animals.

  • The office furniture was used, but the x-ray machine was new and state-of-the-art!
  • I cleaned the floors at night myself, but Care Animal Hospital was one of the first in Colorado to use Isoflurane anesthetic!
  • My family helped answer the phones, but my only technician was fully C.V.T. certified!

I didn't know if we'd last a year, but I knew that as long as we did, Care Animal Hospital would provide only the very best care!

And today?

  • Care Animal Hospital's 30 staff members provide the very best care to more than 8,000 companion animals!
  • Care Animal Hospital is a technology leader in Colorado with flexible endoscopy equipment, Class IV therapeutic laser, diagnostic ultrasound, two digital X-ray systems - and five veterinarians with the knowledge to use it all!

Our commitment to the very best care for companion animals has built a thriving hospital. Every day, clients (many from miles away) bring their pets to Care Animal Hospital because they know there is a difference.

Come visit us for a healthy pet exam or for evaluation of a health concern, and experience the difference our care can make!!