Routine Check-Ups

Pet getting checked up

Did you know? Veterinary patients who come in for wellness visits every six months actually save their owners money. By detecting problems in their early stages, veterinarians have greater success in alleviating them and they are typically much less expensive to treat.

At Care Animal Hospital, we take a holistic approach to your pet's health. When we see your animal, we do a nose to tail exam and take a complete history. We then customize our care to maximize your pet's health and longevity.

Because we are complete, we cannot do everything that your pet needs in a 15-minute appointment. Please be sure to arrive on time for your pet's appointment and plan to spend 30-45 minutes with our staff. You will spend the first 15 minutes with a trained staff member who will ask you basic history questions. The doctor will ask more specific questions about your pet's health and will perform the exam.