X-ray your pets

Digital X-rays (Radiographs)

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation (like light, but with a shorter wavelength and more powerful) that can penetrate solid objects and can be used to visualize structures inside the body. At Care Animal Hospital our Certified Veterinary Technicians and assistants are skilled in taking radiographs.

We use radiographs on a daily basis to look for abnormal organ shape, size, and detail. During dental cleanings, we use radiographs to evaluate tooth and jaw bone integrity. If they are needed, we can usually complete radiographs while you wait at the hospital, but sometimes we need more time (for instance if your pet is painful and needs medications before we can proceed).

Care Animal Hospital has digital radiography! Whether your pet is here for a dental procedure or needs abdominal radiographs, data is transferred instantly to a computer file that can be easily shared as needed. We can also easily send your pet's radiographs (with your permission, of course!) over the Internet to specialized veterinary radiologists for review. When we are done, we can give you a compact disc (CD) with your pet's x-ray images to take with you.