Our Team

Our people are the best - trained, experienced, committed and cooperative! Meet us here, then come in and meet us in person. We'll happily tell you about what we do at Care Animal Hospital and about our own pets.

Our team at Care Animal Hospital

Client Care


Team member Caitlin at Care Animal HospitalCaitlin came to work with us in 2016 and hopes to continue her education in the veterinary field. Her family has had their dog, Cali, since 2005 when Catilin came home from school and found her as a puppy waiting in the front yard. Caitlin loves to be outdoors hiking, swimming or just reading at Washington Park.


Cindy at Care Animal HospitalCindy has been with us since 2002, first as a Certified Veterinary Technician and now primarily at our front desk. After much research into the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed in 2004, she found two puppies that met her requirements in Ohio. Her dog Hamish, a Blenhem color pattern, died in 2014 and her dog Wallace, a tri-color, has been with her since then and is doing well. When she’s not helping clients and their pets at Care Animal Hospital, Cindy enjoys gardening.

Dani - Hospital Manager

Dani at Care Animal HospitalDani, the Dreaded cat-lover who works up front, is our resident hippie answering calls and making appointments. She has 7 cats in her life, but only 4 living with her. Azazael and Fenrir are the young “mini panther brothers”, each weighing in at 14lbs, Sir Kitteh is her ancient old man, and Piggy is the tiny 6lbs of ferocious female ruling over them all. Her favorite activities include reading (mostly Fantasy), Knitting (no crochet…yet), and Spinning (with wool, like Rumpelstiltskin). She graduated from CU with a degree in Environmental Sciences, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and History and has worked for Care Animal Hospital for 8 years.


Team member Erin at Care Animal HospitalErin has been greeting our clients and especially their pets since 2016. She loves to be around animals all day and says she is never bored. Erin’s dog Volpe ran away to Arby’s the first week she had her, but hasn’t tried to go anywhere alone since! Erin’s guilty pleasure in her spare time is reading YA fiction.


Team member Lyn at Care Animal HospitalLyn is our cat-whisperer – you’ll often find her calming a frightened kitten at the same time she is answering the phone! Her cat Derry came to her in 2016 as a foster cat, then delivered 4 kittens on Father’s Day. Lyn found good homes for the kittens and has kept Derry as a part of her household. Lyn has worked for us off and on since 2006 and always enjoys interacting with the animals.

Veterinary Technicians

Our technicians at Care Animal Hospital


Katie at Care Animal Hospital

Katie has been with Care Animal Hospital since January of 2015 as a technician and can fill in as a receptionist or an ERA. She has been in the veterinary field since 2012. She is a certified Veterinary Assistant, having trained at the Pima Institute and is working to get her Veterinary Technician Certification.

Katie has two golden retrievers, named Hoss and Hendrix, and a 3 legged cat named Jack Skellington. Jack was brought to Care Animal Hospital almost two years ago with a badly damaged leg from a shelter in Cortez. With support from the Care for Strays program, Dr. Gilbert amputated the leg and Jack was a new cat! In her free time, Katie enjoys hiking, fishing, traveling, doing ceramics, and spending time with friends and family. At work, her favorite parts of the job include relieving the worries of pet owners and seeing what variety each day brings!


Heater at Care Animal Hospital

Heather has been part of the team at Care Animal Hospital since the summer of 2007. She graduated from the Bel-Rea Institute in 2009 and is a Certified Veterinary Technician. She took time off last year to have a baby and is now back part time and loving every minute! 

Heather is our resident Corgi lover and currently has two rescued black labs named Jelly and Jake that share her home. Heather has a passion for helping animals in need and has fostered and rehabilitated many dogs and cats. She loves raising her daughter, hiking, camping and riding her motorcycle every chance she gets.


Team member Morgan at Care Animal HospitalMorgan has been with Care Animal Hospital less than a year, and she’s become an important part of the family! Morgan earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Colorado State University’s Pueblo campus, then attended the Bel-Rea Institute and became a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2015.

Morgan and her husband adopted Cody from Rocky Mountain Collie & Sheltie Rescue in 2013. She likes working with a team that is empathetic towards patients, clients and other team members. Morgan also likes learning new things every day.


Team member Brittney at Care Animal HospitalBrittany worked for Care Animal Hospital for five years and now works when we need extra help. She attended Community College of Denver’s Veterinary Technology Program and graduated in December of 2016 with an Associates of Science degree. In March of 2017, Brittany became certified as a veterinary technician. 

Brittany adopted her dog Scooby from the Boulder Humane Society 4 years ago. She loves being able to care for animals with compassion and to provide pet owners with a sense of comfort that their pet is being well cared for. She loves being a technician because she gets to be a voice for animals since they cannot speak.  


Team member Susan at Care Animal HospitalSusan recently returned to Care Animal Hospital after a tour of duty in Afghanistan as a veterinary technician in the Army. She is a graduate of the Veterinary Technology program at Athens Technical College in Athens, GA and started working with us in 2015, before taking her leave for military service. Susan earned an American Sign Language Advanced Certificate from the University of Georgia in 2015 and looks forward to communicating with clients in sign language.

Susan and her husband owned Mahi, a rescue Akita that had separation anxiety and was too dominant with other dogs to add a companion canine, so they adopted Chiana - a big cat for a big dog.  After their first meeting, the two were best buds and the dog was no longer stressed about being left alone. Mahi passed on in 2011 and Chiana mourned her passing. In 2014, Jorah, a young Beauceron dog, joined the family dynamics. Chiana and Jorah are working on a budding friendship.

Susan enjoys working with the staff at Care Animal Hospital to help healthy animals maintain their health status and to help ill patients recover. In her spare time, Susan is a reader and enjoys reading with our resident cat, Riley, on her lap. He REALLY missed Susan when she was away.

Assistants & Volunteers


Damon at Care Animal HospitalDamon has been with us since 2016 and is super excited to be working in the veterinary field! He was born and raised in Colorado, loves the outdoors, and has always had a love for animals of all kinds. He likes to play volleyball, ride horses, travel to new places, take weekend trips to the mountains, and go hiking and camping. He is currently pursuing a BS in Biology and a BA in Chemistry in hopes of attending veterinary school to become an equine veterinarian.



Team member Rachel at Care Animal HospitalRachel was a volunteer at Care Animal Hospital for a year before being hired as an Exam Room Assistant. She recently graduated with an Equine Science degree from Colorado State University. Rachel owns a Samoyed named Lexi who is a show dog. In her spare time Rachel enjoys hiking, spending time with friends, and cuddling with Lexi.


Team member Jennie at Care Animal HospitalJennie has been with us for two years as an Exam Room Assistant, though she has many talents and you’ll occasionally see her filling in as a receptionist.

Jennie has several pets, including a Rottweiler named "Lo" that was a gift from her mom after a family friend had an “oops” litter three years ago. Jennie is a very talented photographer and especially enjoys nature and flower photography.  She likes learning new things about pet health and enjoys taking care of pets that make other people happy